Embarcadero Center Fire Pumps

Replacing the fire pumps at 3 and 4 Embarcadero Center required creative problem solving while working around the existing site conditions and maintaining 24/7 fire protection. In total, we replaced three fire pumps: one at Four Embarcadero Center and two at Three Embarcadero Center.  

To meet current building code requirements both buildings’ fire pump rooms needed new make-up air and exhaust systems requiring hundreds of feet of fire-rated, sheet metal duct work. Because the work site was located in the bottom-level garages, space was an issue. At Four Embarcadero Center, we were further challenged to identify a pathway from one end of the garage to the other through the tightly packed MEP infrastructure near the ceiling. It took some legwork, but we found a more direct path through the chiller room and main switch gear room, thus avoiding the garage and its space constraint. 

CLIENT  Boston Properties


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